This is my fiancé Gemma and I in her home country, the Philippines when I met her in real in September of 2018.

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Hi, I’m Billy, a happily busy working class devout Catholic father of two boys, William and Malachai; and blessedly engaged to my fiancé Gemma, the most wonderful and beautiful woman in all the Philippines. I’m a 3rd Degree Knight of Columbus, Catholic activist, apologist and evangelist.

My focus is on my fiancé and our family and living a good and faithful Catholic life.

I was a practicing witch for 14 years and a far leftist before I came back to God. So, I’ve been there and the resulting spiritual warfare almost killed me. Thank God He led me home and into the truth about Him and myself.

Beyond that, I seek to do good by helping people to be happy and free to be who they are, as long as they’re not doing evil; without being bullied or hurt. To help the men and women around me to be the best they can be as I work to be the best man I can be by the men and women around me.

My interests are: Social justice, theology, spirituality, philosophy and history. Especially military history and the ancient world. I’m also interested in cultures beyond my own as I find other cultures fascinating, beautiful and worthy of being protected and valued in their own right.

I love my Lord and Savior, His Church while I’m working out my salvation so I can be with Him in heaven. I love my country and I try to be a good citizen.

My blog is intended to be my own corner of cyberspace where I can share my thoughts, my insights and life experiences with my readers and hopefully we can engage in good and fruitful conversations.

I simply love a good conversation as I love sharing with others my thoughts and insights while I find out what others think and believe and why.

Basically, I’m a front porch philosopher, intellectual and social activist. If you’re struggling with spiritual warfare like I had, please email me and I’ll try to help. My address is on my Contact page. All conversations are confidential.

Hope you enjoy my blog!

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Hi, I’m Billy. I’m a 44 year old working class Catholic intellectual who’s really well read for having only a high school education with a passion for learning and knowing things and to share them with the world in the hopes of making it a better place.

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